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23 year old tattooed mommy to Kellen Michael. 052713
low cars.
big trucks.
autism awareness.


Talk shit, get hit…

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My repurpose coffee table.  It’s now the kids art table #vscocam #repurpose #repurposethat #preschool #365gratitude #daycare #childcare #child

Fuck. Yes.



My repurpose coffee table. It’s now the kids art table #vscocam #repurpose #repurposethat #preschool #365gratitude #daycare #childcare #child

Fuck. Yes.

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Mason Jar Layered Lunches

Recipe Here

by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is a regular paid contributor to the American Express Tumblr community.

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OITNB is the kind of show where you can’t ever decide who your favourite character is.

But you know it’s not Vee.

And it is definitely not Larry…

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Kell and I spent the weekend in Orlando with my dad, step mom, little brother (pictured) and sister. Honestly it was amazing! Went to dinner at my dad’s restaurant, spent the night on the couch watching movies and drinking wine with my step mom and then we just hung out around the house for a while this morning before grabbing lunch and having a picnic at the animal sanctuary. Michael was still at work when we got home so Kell and I sat in bed, ate pizza & watched brave. Now I’m just drinking tea until I fall asleep.
After all the stress lately, this was exactly what I needed.

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now accepting anon hate


but only in the form of haikus

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Thanks for the head butt Kell.
Matching black eyes, here we come!

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Over the last few months, I have turned into the meal-planning queen, and it’s made my life SO much easier. Plus, I’m saving a ton of cash. Yayyy. Here’s some things I’ve learned!

In general, I agree with this.

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Bloating. It happens to everyone. Me when I got up this morning VS me after 5 hours of yoga and two slices of deep dish pizza in Chicago. Did you know your muscles retain water after working out which actually makes you more bloated? Fun fact for ya. Same underwear, same pose. Just bloat. Obviously I didn’t gain like 20 pounds in a day. I’m also about to start my period. So yeah, there ya have it. Don’t freak because you had a bad eating day or you’re pmsing or your sodium intake was high and you look in the mirror and see something bigger. It’s not real or permanent. The wonders of the human body.

me on my dash

I admire this lady SO damn much! She speaks SO much truth! And one day very soon I WILL get my shit together and I WILL visit her and America!

I 💖 you!!!

You’re such an inspiration!!

Reblogging.Because I need to remember this

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